Dressor in the bedroom Principles of planning and design

In most cases, the bedroom furniture is not able to fully resolve the issue of storing things. Places for this is always in short supply. The best solution to such a problem is the device of the dressing room. By capacity, it is 3-4 times more functional than a cabinet. In addition, here you can place not only clothes, but also hats, shoes, umbrellas, mirror, etc. In some cases, you can find a place even for the ironing board.

The basic rules for planning a dressing room are as follows:

The perfect location is directly in the bedroom or at least nearby;

The minimum dimensions are 1.4×1.4 m, the optimal area is 4-8 m;

Lighting is good, it is better if combined with natural;

Open and closed surfaces of the shelves in relation to 1: 1, in minimal spaces – small open sections;

If possible, the presence of a mirror (preferably in full height) or mirror doors on closed racks;

Material for walls – drywall with mounts for shelves;

Material for shelves – any, it depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities, chipboard, plastic, wood, and metal are suitable.

The most common way to plan a dressing room – along the narrow wall of the room. Everything is simple: part of the room is fenced off with an additional wall with the door. First of all, this option is useful for narrow bedrooms. You will receive a spacious storage system and correct the shortcomings of the room.

In Khrushchevs, it is convenient to make this structure in the place of the old pantries, because the necessary niche is already available. It can only be ennobled.

Corner options for dressing. It is clear that in this case the angle of the room is fenced off. This option is especially good for very small bedrooms with an area of ​​9-11 meters, in which there seems to be no place, but there is always a free angle. To relieve the area in tight spaces as much as possible, the door to the dressing room is made sliding.

The partition is designed differently. It can be made inconspicuous by repeating the finish of the main walls. And you can, on the contrary, create a bright dominant accent of the room. Among these two directly opposite options, you can choose many intermediate. For example, the finish of such structures in the style of vintage is very well perceived. In this case, with the help of a skirting board, the partition is edged with a wooden frame.

Internal design should be simple. This is a kind of working zone, and the decor is useless here. The most successful color scheme is in neutral light colors.

For a dressing room, you can attract specialists, but it is not very difficult to do it yourself. Work with drywall of special skills does not require. Using self -tapping screws and aluminum profile, it is necessary to make a frame and sheathe it with gypsum sheets. Then the new wall is put down on both sides, apply a decorative coating, arranged inside the shelf and hang the door.

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