How to accustom a child is yourself

By accustoming the baby to eat properly from the youngest years, we avoid many different problems. Next, we consider how to accustom a child to eat on your own.

Mistakes of young parents

Let’s start with errors that parents most often make. We will not delve into dietetology, but pay attention to the proper nutrition of our child.

Almost all parents are faced with the problem, the baby does not have a clear diet. More and more often the fashion for free education and regime is manifested. Many parents think that the child himself feels that and when he is better to do and interfere in his mode – only harm him. But there is a share of truth in this. Do not forget that our body works according to its “schedule”. The body perceives the actions that occur every day at about the same time. So the body spends less energy on these actions.

Tips for the introduction of a child to a food culture

Когда вы начнёте приучать своего малыша самостоятельно питаться он должен чувствовать, что вы поощряете его за его успехи.

The food culture is very important – in most cases no less than the quality of the products used. The sooner you accustom the child to the proper nutritional culture, the better. Better to do it gradually, without fanaticism. You can be a good example for a child yourself.

Also in this difficult matter, various books and pictures can help you, where, using the example of your favorite heroes, you can show the benefits of proper nutrition.

It is necessary to tell the baby how to eat: chew well, do not fill his mouth, do not rush. Also, before eating, you need to wash your hands together with the child, accustom the child to say “thank you” after each meal. These rules will help you set up a child for food, increase his mood. Typically, children in 2-2.5 years are already performing part of these actions.

Most likely you should not be so serious about food, but his mood depends on the quality of nutrition of the child, the feeling of satisfaction with life, calm, and of course health. Therefore, teaching the child to the proper culture of nutrition plays an important role in his education.