How to prepare for pregnancy correctly

Factors affecting the rapid conception of a child

Pregnancy is different, from the desired and carefully planned to unwanted and, accordingly, unplanned. Often, if the expectant mother decides to bring the process to a logical end, in both cases everything ends with childbirth and the birth of the baby. But then it already happens that the consequences of ignoring a healthy lifestyle become noticeable. Therefore, now we will consider how to prepare for the conception of the child of the desired, long expected.

It is difficult to get pregnant simultaneously with attempts to do this, taking contraceptives. Therefore, a woman who made a decision to give a life to a child should refuse to conception six months before conception. If there is a spiral, then it needs to be removed and an examination by a gynecologist.

Further, the lady should be reorganized by the dentist, because a sick tooth during pregnancy can be a big problem. Anesthesia, being in a position, cannot be used and pain cannot be tolerated … an insoluble dilemma!

And, of course, a healthy lifestyle, which is never in any day, cannot be violated for a single day. No alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, self -prescribed and harmful food! It is important to breathe more clean air, as well as constantly collect positive emotions.

Healthy lifestyle of father

The future dad is no less important in the process of creating a healthy baby. Having decided to take part in this magical process, a man, like a woman, is obliged to switch to an extremely healthy lifestyle. In the case of a man, a taboo is added to the ban on alcohol, smoking, smoking and gluttony to visit a bathhouse or sauna, gym and wearing too close underwear. This is all explained by the need to achieve the maximum motor activity of sperm, and high temperature, intense physical activity and compression of the testicula are harmful to this process. During this period, you should eat a lot of nuts and greens, you can take special vitamins that strengthen the reproductive function of the body.

The second pregnancy, which should also be planned and desirable, for spouses in terms of preparing for it is no different from the first. The only point that should be taken into account is the need to explain everything to your first -born. The child must make your decision to give birth to his brother or sister, he must be ready for this, he should not feel unhappy for a minute in connection with the upcoming event.