How to support a friend after a divorce

If in your girlfriend’s life there was a turning point called divorce, then it is you who should be next to her and support in difficult times. Of course, not a single advice here is an assistant, but just sympathy and the opportunity to speak out can help her a lot.

Try not to leave it for a long time alone and try to distract in every way. From any female problem, including a divorce, is able to distract shopping, and therefore make her go out and shopping for shopping. Go to a good store in order to buy Christina cosmetics in Moscow, which you must immediately try out, if possible, in order to at least slightly raise self -esteem. It is cosmetics that are especially decorative can change the female appearance to recognition, which is very often excellent therapy in the fight against a depressive state.

Do not let your friend close, try to find a new lesson for her, sign up with her in any section, such as dancing or gym. The main thing is that she is always in public, this will not give her the opportunity to lay down.

If you allows you to go on vacation with her, and do everything possible for your girlfriend to feel like a beautiful woman who enjoys male attention.

Many women believe that alcohol is the best medicine for depression, but this. Of course, he helps to distract himself for a while and forget about all the problems, but then after his action ends, all problems return again, and therefore do not let her drink alcohol.

In order to quickly get a friend out of depression, try to avoid talking about her ex -wife, and if she started talking about him, then do not talk badly about him. Remember only pleasant moments that can leave a good memory of him, if in their life there was little good, then it is better to keep silent. The most important thing you should not do is to reproach it or to blame it and do not use such phrases as, for example, “I told you”, “you knew about it”, since they are able to cause an aggressive reaction from her, and in You may simply arise a conflict.