Pottering in every house!

Eternally busy housewives can do not have time left to prepare a delicious dinner for their family. It is then, new technologies come to the rescue, with the help of which cooking time is significantly reduced, but, and dinner is no less tasty and fragrant.

Here we will talk about a slow cooker, with the help of which the time of preparing the usual dishes will be much less, plus everything will be able to experiment, creating new delicious masterpieces. But how to choose such a multicooker for home and what criteria to rely on?

The improvement of kitchen equipment is moving rapidly and most likely not everyone knows what multicooker is and why it is intended. Simply put a slow cooker – this is a large pan with a Teflon coating that works with electricity. In such a miracle – the pan already has its own preparation modes, which allow you to prepare all the well -known dishes, soups and desserts. Such an electronic assistant will help to decide on the temperature of the preparation and its duration. Also, the slow cooker has a heating function, therefore, the food always remains hot. Now there is no need to constantly monitor the cooking process, but the food will not work out burnt -out or overdried.

The slow cooker allows you to cook, stew, bake or steam, that is, cook everything that you want. And this is far from the limit, because modern multicooks can cook even two dishes at the same time.

Rules for choosing a multicooker

The volume of the inner bowl varies from 1.5 liters to 6. Therefore, the larger the volume of the bowl, the more food you can cook. For a large family, undoubtedly, you need miltywalks with the maximum volume of the bowl.

Paragraph Issue – not unimportant function. At the end of cooking, the multicooker gradually releases steam, which allows you to safely open the lid and not burn yourself.

Autonomous mode allows you to prepare when this is required. No need to get up early to cook fresh porridge, just season the multicooker with the ingredients and set the starting mode for cooking. Autonomous mode can reach thirteen hours.

The more standard cooking modes, the more diverse the list of dishes. The standard of preparation programs includes the “Soup”, “Rice”, “Porridge”, “Fleet”, “Frying”, “Steaming” mode and much more.