Skin hygiene is important and simple!

Hygiene is the Queen of Health and daughter of the sage of Asklepy, whose name was named the science of hygiene.

Skin hygiene is a set of rules, observing which, each of us strengthens and retains its health, increases the duration of active life. Human skin is an external cover that takes on all blows from environmental exposure, regulates heat transfer and heat formation, skin breathing and absorption. The condition of our skin is constantly influenced by working conditions and climate, it is closely related to the work of our body. That is why observe hygiene of the skin regularly.

The main requirement of skin hygiene is its content clean. Dirt that can accumulate on the surface of our skin is a source of many diseases, since organic substances of sweat and fat are a favorable environment for the development of bacteria. Dirty skin prevents the normal operation of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which as a result leads to cracking of the skin, its dryness and impaired heat transfer. Therefore, every modern person understands that the cleanliness of his skin must be regularly monitored, wash hands several times a day, wash regularly and take a warm shower or bath at least once a week.

La -kri gel – delicate cleansing for the most delicate skin

It is for the delicate cleansing of the skin that the La Cri gel was created. Have you ever met a washing gel that would be based on natural components, effectively relieves makeup, while also moisturized the skin and even softened it? La -kri cleansing gel is a pharmacy cosmetics, the quality of which is imposed on increased requirements. It does not include fragrances, hormones, dyes and stabilizers, so the product is suitable even for children’s skin.

More and more often we notice that from ordinary cosmetics an allergy appears on the skin. La-kri gel hypoallergenic, does not contain aggressive chemicals and does not cause irritation on the skin. On the contrary, this tool helps in the fight against manifestations of allergies and dermatitis, removing inflammation and exerting an antimicrobial effect.

La-kri products can be purchased at almost any pharmacy in Russia. Natural components that are part of any La Kri product allow you to forget about skin irritations, allergies, scuffs and other unpleasant irritations forever.

Remember that the hygiene of our body is the key to the health of the whole organism. Be always healthy and beautiful!