We get the money from under the pillow

Have passed the times when the money needed to be accumulated under the pillow. Now it is more profitable to make the money work for you without even letting it into the goods.

Deposits are an opportunity not only to protect your money from apartment thieves, but also a great opportunity to earn. The best and profitable contributions currently offers OJSC Rost Bank here OVERT can be learned in more detail about the provisions of deposits provided.

Founded in 1993, Rost, an accredited participant in the MMMVB currency section and participant in the Thomson Reuters system. This bank, meeting all the requirements of the Bank of Russia, takes part in the system of compulsory deposit insurance system.

Trust for this bank is increasing because “growth” works in the real sector of the economy, investing funds in processing, construction and trade enterprises. The bank works in 55 cities of the Russian Federation.

Provided deposits:

“Maximum growth”

Contribution from 3 thousand rubles.

– High interest on short -term deposits

– 10.9% per annum in rubles

– 5.9% in dollars or euros

– High rates of early termination (interest on the term of work of deposits depends)

“Free growth”

Contribution from 10 thousand rubles.

– You can freely withdraw funds from the contribution

– Removal of funds do not affect the interest rate

– Favorable storage of money to demand

“Growth 2013”

Contribution from 50 thousand rubles

– Rates in rubles up to 11.8% per annum (depending on the amount of deposits)

– Monthly interest payment.

“Growth” is a great solution for you. Stop keeping money under the pillow. Let your money work for you and bring income even when they just lie on the bank account. While you are still thinking, your money could already bring you even more money. Rost Bank is the growth of your income today, tomorrow and always.