What is special in the diet of Atkins

American cardiologist Robert Atkins proposed a diet that helped him get rid of obesity, but caused a lot of criticism. But, already millions of women throughout the earth have managed to evaluate its effectiveness.

The basic principle of Dr. Atkins’s diet is reduced to exclusion from the diet of carbohydrates and replacing them with proteins. As a result, the body does not receive glucose, the pancreas does not emit insulin for its processing, biochemical processes lead to the use of its own fats for energy and, in addition, the risk of diabetes is reduced to zero.

The following products are allowed to eat practically:

Any amount of protein products: meat and fish of any kind, eggs.

Some types of vegetables in moderate quantities are radishes, cucumbers, Beijing cabbage, celery, greens, mushrooms.

A little unsweetened fruits – apples.

Butter and vegetable oil.

Salt is strictly limited, and at first it is generally excluded.

Belief is banned by bread and flour products, potatoes, carrots, beets, grapes, bananas, sweets. In general, almost all products containing carbohydrates.

A) the first stage of the diet is called induction and lasts two weeks. During this period, there is an active weight loss, it can reach 10-15 kg (!), the number of permitted carbohydrates is a maximum of 20 grams. Those who wish to use this diet will have to carefully study the labels on products, so as not to sort out the norm.

Fans of meat diet will be a joy – you will not have to starve. And this is one of the most important components for psychological health during a diet.

B) At the second stage, the achieved results are fixed, the amount of carbohydrates can be slightly increased – add a few permitted vegetables, berries and cereals to the food. Weight loss can slow down slightly, the body begins to get used to the new type of nutrition. Lasts from two weeks to two months.

C) the third stage – holding the results achieved. Continues all his life. Under a constant ban, white bread, rice, potatoes, sweets.

Dishes should be as easy as possible in cooking, the last meal no later than 20 hours.

Fans of sweets and people who are accustomed to traditional nutrition, which suggests a menu, consisting of 50-60% of carbohydrates, endure this regime.

In addition, in some diseases – liver, kidneys, intestines, the consumption of a large amount of protein can be poorly affected by health.