What to do if feelings for her husband disappear?

The basis of a happy and strong family is love and trust. If you begin to realize that your feelings for your spouse are gradually fading away, you do not need to rush all the more, make hasty decisions. You may think about the current situation and weigh everything, or maybe you can still save your family?

A lot of couples break up due to the fact that a man ceases to devote enough time to a woman. So, for example, the number of gifts that a man gives you give and, as a result, the microclimate in the family can be disturbed. In this case, take the situation into your own hands and ask your man to buy jewelry or flowers to you. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to ask, because there is nothing shameful in this! Moreover, to buy flowers in Perm and other cities today is not difficult. This can be done without even leaving home, for example, through .

If the reason is not this, then it is necessary to find the reason for the disappearance of feelings. Love was, why does it disappear? You need to think about what your spouse could make so that feelings are resurrected. Talk to your husband about your feelings. Try changing the situation and for example, go on a trip together – new impressions sometimes help feelings flare up again, and you will be able to breathe new life into your marriage. Often due to everyday fuss and stressful working day, the spouses are seen only in the evening at home, and when they come home, they are already tired and do not want anything. Create a cozy romantic atmosphere of the house. Light aromatic candles, prepare a festive dinner on the most ordinary day, and most likely you will become a little closer to your spouse and will understand together what is the reason for the omissions and loss of feelings. Devote more time to each other and everything should turn out.

If after all attempts made, love never returned – do not torment yourself and your soul mate. No matter how sad it is, in this case, you will better divorce.

You decided to save your family for the sake of children? In most cases, it is useless. A child in such a family will grow in a tense environment, and moreover, he will feel his guilt that dad and mom are unhappy with each other. It will be better if you part, but keep your husband’s communication with children. No need to quarrel, because it is better to remain friends with the ex -spouse, who was next to you all this time.