How to care for cut flowers properly

There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to extend the life of cut flowers selling flowers at an inexpensive price. As a rule, such a recommendation is simply ridiculous and awkward, for example, you can extend the life of flowers with sugar, vinegar, salt, vodka, aspirin, ammonia or washing powder.

Who is tired of reading various kinds of information nonsense can get acquainted with proven recipes.

How to properly care for flowers:

The first thing to do is to free from transport packaging. After that, you must remove the lower leaves so that they do not fall into the water, from which you later began to rot.

The second thing you have to do is cut the stems by about 1 cm. If you cut flowers that have hard stems, for example: roses or chrysanthemums, then you need to cut stems obliquely. And if you need to cut a whole bunch of flowers, then you can “sharpen” in the manner of a pencil, it will be easier and faster than you will cut each stem separately. If you need to cut calves, tulips, irises or alstrient, then you need to make a direct cut. Such flowers absorb water not only with a cut, but also with a stem, so they need to pour water into a vase less.

The third thing you need to pour in a clean vase of boiled water, chilled to room temperature.

The fourth that you should know is that for cut flowers you need to use top dressing that you can buy in flower shops. Such top dressing for colors are designed in such a way that they contain all the necessary microcomponents that nourish the plants and disinfect water.

And fifth, if you decide not to add top dressing to flowers, then you need to daily water, and of course try to update the cut of the stem.