How to choose the right bedding

A person spends quite a lot of time in a dream, his mood depends on good sleep and the performance is over, so so that after a long day you can sleep well, it is very important to choose the right bedding for yourself to buy family bedding for yourself. Of course, the selection of bedding is a purely individual thing, since someone more likes to fall asleep on silk sheets, and someone is more practical and prefers terry or flannel sheets. Also, when choosing bedding, we pay attention to the coloring, the bulk of the population likes white or colored underwear, and bold and extravagant personalities are preferred for bedding of dark and rich shades. But, choosing linen, first of all, people pay attention to the quality, and only then, of course, select their favorite coloring and the corresponding size.

Despite the large selection of all kinds of bedding, it turns out that it is not always easy to choose the most acceptable option that would fully comply with your requests. Therefore, the topic will be relevant for many: what you need to first pay attention to when buying bedding.

When buying bedding, of course, they pay attention to quality, then to dyes and threads. Therefore, before making the purchase of linen, you must feel the material, and all the details of the kit, since there is a chance that the material can have an absolutely different surface.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the intensity of the interweaving, for this you will have enough to get acquainted with the technical characteristics that are indicated on the packaging. Thus, buying dense bedding, you buy high -quality linen that will last you for many years. Based on these data, the most acceptable option for bedding is not more than 60 threads per 1 sq. cm this is the average density. The lowest density of 25 to 50 threads per 1 sq. cm, the average density will be slightly higher from 60 to 80 threads per 1 sq. cm and the highest tissue density will be from 120 to 280 threads per 1 sq. cm, but such dense fabric can only be in satin, Japanese silk or perkal. But this is not the limit, since the highest fabric density can be up to 500 threads.

The second what you pay attention to, especially if it is colored linen are dyes. To choose the highest quality underwear that will not change the color during the first washing, you need to inspect not only the front side of the linen, but also on the wrong side. If these two sides differ from each other with the brightness of the color, then there is a probability that such linen is not very good quality. You should also not buy bedding, which has a sharp chemical smell.

If you already decide on the choice of bedding, then look at the label and read what temperature should be washed if the temperature is 60 »C, then you have selected a successful set of linen with high -quality and stable dye.