How to choose the right porcelain tile?

Graying tiles are considered the most durable material, the abrasive characteristics of which are at the highest level.

But porcelain tiles requires, like any other finishing materials, careful observance of all operating characteristics. If they are violated, porcelain tiles will quickly lose its attractive appearance, and its service life will be sharply reduced. Therefore, it is very important to choose porcelain tiles correctly.

Features of choosing porcelain tiles

When choosing this finishing material, pay attention, first of all, you need to carry out what load the tile will be carried.

In addition, polished smooth tiles are extremely not recommended to purchase for flooring. The fact is that the polished surface, even after wet cleaning, becomes very slippery, and this can lead to serious injuries.

It is also impossible not to mention the negative impact on the polished and completely smooth surface of particles of dust and sand. The front side of this finishing material in this case will quickly become unusable, since it will appear on it a lot of scratches that will be perfectly visible in any light.

Not entirely correctly selected and porcelain stoneware with a strongly corrugated surface, which will be poorly cleaned. In addition, a too embossed surface will significantly interfere with the movement.

Material finishing material or glazed tile, decorated with a voluminous pattern, will be the best choice for residential premises.

Pay attention to the coloring of porcelain. For large rooms, you can choose the tiles of light or darker shades. For residential premises small sizes, the lightest porcelain tile should be selected.

Crama border tiles can be conditionally divided into five classes, depending on the level of its wear resistance.

For a bathroom, bedroom, bathroom or any other room where small movement is observed, you can use class I and II tiles. You can buy such tiles by visiting the online store of tiles Ceramic-City. . .

To finish the floor on the balcony, the kitchen and all those rooms through which you cannot go directly to the street, you can use class III tiles.

For industrial, public buildings, as well as offices, you can use class IV porcelain stoneware.

For absolutely any rooms, you can use universal class V.

For rooms with an increased or very high humidity level, it is necessary to choose the porcelain tile that has good resistance to all kinds of chemicals.