How to prepare for a campaign to visit?

For almost all people, an invitation to visit is good news. After all, it is pleasant to diversify the time, seeing old friends. Go to visit people with whom you have not seen for a long time or who do not know at all, can cause you excitement, because you do not know what interests they have.

Questions begin to appear immediately: “What to talk about?”,” What to give?”,” How to behave at the table?”. But in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, because there are etiquette rules and recommendations that will betray confidence and help to avoid offensive misunderstandings. And if you are also right and timely prepare for a trip to visit. In order to help you with dignity and spend time with pleasure, you should foresee the following things:

Than congratulate?

The rules of good tone are believed to prepare congratulations in advance. According to etiquette, you must prepare at least two congratulations – you will read one thing when you meet you the culprit of the celebration, and the second is at the table. It is safe to say that your congratulations are a tribute to respect and expression of sincere respect. That is why you should not be limited to exposure words and ordinary wishes.

Go to those where a huge number of congratulations for all occasions are published. There you can find nominal congratulations, congratulations on public and church holidays, as well as congratulations in poetry for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, housewarming and many other reasons. Thanks to such spiritual author’s congratulations, you can leave a great impression of yourself from the heroes of the occasion.

Who to visit with?

If someone was invited to visit you, and you agreed to come, then do not forget to find out what composition you were invited (the presence of children at parties in adults is not always appropriate). If invitations were sent to you, then the mena of all invited members of your family will be indicated in them. If the invitation (written or oral) does not indicate the exact number of invited persons, you must clarify this moment. Remember that the organizers of the holiday are counting on a certain number of people, and you can put them in an awkward position by coming with an unplanned number of guests.

What to gift?

This is one of the main issues arising from the invited. You will also have to try with the gift, because if you buy an expensive gift – you will put the owner of the house in an awkward position, and if you buy a too cheap gift, you can even offend the owner of the house.

Do not give bedding, subscriptions to sports clubs or for some courses to unfamiliar people. Perfumes and cosmetics are also not suitable for a gift for new friends, these gifts are better suited for loved ones and relatives.

If you want to make a win -win choice, you can purchase a gift certificate or give money.

Pay attention to the fact that some holidays, such as a wedding, can dictate their rules regarding gifts. Some newlyweds prudently provide guests with a list of gifts that they would be happy to see. From this list you can choose one of the positions.

What to wear?

The choice of clothes is also important especially for women, because they always want to look the best. For men and women, such tips are suitable:

Choose clothes based on what event you go to: if you go to a restaurant, then choose an evening dress, men should wear a suit. If the celebration is in nature, then you can dress in a sports style. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a festive outfit, be sure to ask the organizers: is it supposed to be some kind of jacket. Today it is very fashionable to arrange thematic parties that suggest certain outfits and accessories,

In the summer, it is better to choose the clothes of light shades, in the winter of the dark,

Black color is not always appropriate and they should not get carried away.

Generally accepted rules.

Do not leave immediately after the end of dinner, you might think that you came only for the feast,

If you leave early, do not say goodbye to everyone, just say goodbye to the owners of the house and the neighbors on the table,

thank the hosts for a wonderful dinner and for hospitality and a wonderful evening,

If you are invited to an evening, do not forget as gratitude, before leaving, voice oncoming invitation.

And if you are going to visit with your child, you will still need to prepare the baby for this event. You can learn about how to do this from the video: