Preparation for natural childbirth

Every woman would like to give birth to a natural way, in order to fulfill this pleasant task, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for this process.

Stages of preparation

Psychological training.

Every birth occurs in their own way, someone goes to childbirth with a calm soul, while strictly believes in the help of a doctor, and someone is very worried.

The main point is in this process: getting rid of fears.

The psychological training should include the moment of the skill of the discrepancy between the woman in labor in an extreme environment that happens with childbirth. It is important a persistent sense of responsibility of a woman for childbirth, her active and conscious participation in them.

Physical training.

Before giving birth, a woman without fail does gymnastics for pregnant women, is engaged in the pool, visits the bathhouse, but taking into account an individual orientation.

Respiratory preparation.

A woman should learn to feel her breath – this is an important element in childbirth. It must be learned to regulate.

The respiratory system must be learned to develop, it must be trained, while freeing from hidden stresses.

Practical skills.

It is important for a woman to learn how to relax her body, it is necessary to be able to capture its hidden processes in time, and this means to be able to control these processes in any environment.

The child already wants to be born, it is very important for him to just help him, and not make a decision for him, how to do it and when.

It is important to trust the child and prepare yourself, for this it is necessary to show all the hidden forces and opportunities, in order to give birth to a natural way, then the child will appear on this light, freely, while preserving all his potential.

Sometimes it happens that a medical intervention is necessary, as the birth deviated from the norm.

Strongly must be remembered, the doctor must obey in such an environment, otherwise the child may suffer.

Such moments can occur as such moments as: ecology, crises, stress, alcohol that is used during gestation, smoking, etc.

All this is the prerequisites for complex childbirth. The unpreparedness of the woman for childbirth, her unconsciousness in motherhood plays a large role.

Communication with the child

Before giving birth, the mommy goes to establish deep contact with the baby, she can already feel and understand his motives, mood, and desires of the child.

It is during pregnancy, before giving birth to a woman can learn to act not only on the basis of the interests of the child, but at the same time not to forget her own interests.