How to draw arrows in your eyes correctly

A few years ago, no one thought that the arrows would return to makeup again, but it was not for nothing that they say that “new is a well -forgotten old”. To date, the arrows are a very fashionable element of any makeup, and for Pin-up they are all the more relevant.

Drawing a beautiful elegant arrow is not as difficult as you think. It’s all about the right tool and the right hand. In order to draw an arrow in this type of makeup requires a liner and black paint for the eyes. The eyeliners with a brush or eyeliner with a felt tip are not entirely suitable, which are a little harsh for this makeup.

Step -by -step instructions on how to draw arrows in the eyes with the help of paint and brushes correctly will help you avoid errors, and the drawn arrow will be amazingly even.

For drawing arrows, it is important to know several points that must be taken into account. First of all, you need to know what the axis of the eye is a visual line that passes a detector (a tearful channel of the eye) to the outer corner of the eye. In the drawing of the eye is shown without cilia so that the explanation becomes more understandable.

Particular attention should be paid to the outer edge of the eye, where the red line ends (the axis of the eye). The arrow should not pass below this line, since visually the eyes will be “lowered down” or “deployed to the side”. The arrow can pass above, but not much, since there will also be a distortion of the expression of the eye. Another subtlety: the outer edge must visually be slightly higher than the beginning of the red line, that is, the axis should pass exactly as in the figure.

Begins to draw a line on which the arrow will be located. Take a liner and pick up a black resin forum to bring the arrows on its brush, then you need to remove excess paint. Then the actual drawing begins. For the eyes of the arrow -mounted arrow, we are close to each other, we start from the beginning of the eyelash growth to visually “spread” the eyes. We put the liner brush flat, that is, laying the vill of the brush in the direction we need, and we begin to lead the line.

Once again, it is necessary to draw not the tip of the brush, but with all its flexible part, stopping the brush a little without reaching the outer edge of the century.

To make a beautiful “tail” of the arrows, the edge is even and hard, along which you can hang the tip of the arrow. You can use a regular bank card or any visit with a flat edge for this. Next, you should do it: attach it as shown in the figure, and draw a short line from the eye with a cross -line with a cross -line with a “null” line. It is necessary to do exactly as shown, and not vice versa, since the beginning of the line always turns out a little thicker than the end.

It should turn out such a short and flat line. How to draw arrows correctly, and equally evenly in both eyes, now it becomes clearer. Of course, in reality the line will not be as uniform as in the figure. In the beginning, it will be a little thicker, at the end – it will smoothly go “nowhere”.

Contact both lines of approximately in this way.

Now you can start thicken the received arrow. Draw a felt brush again along the line of connection of the two parts of the arrow, which was connected at the previous stage.

At the last stage, we draw a smooth bend of the arrow.

Next, you need to work out a little arrow with a 2S brush, which is often used to study eyebrows. We carefully take black shadows on the brush, remove the excess and where the arrow thickens “trampling” the pigment. Do not “color”, but only touch the edge of the hand in that part of the arrow where its width allows, that is, neither at the beginning and nor at the end! So that the arrow does not shine between the cilia, the same felt brush should put the pigment on the wet eyelid under the upper eyelashes. The procedure is unpleasant, but by removing the extra pigment from the century by an ordinary cotton wool, you will get a full -fledged even and beautiful arrow.

For the second eye, everything is done in the same way, and as a result you will get beautiful perfectly even arrows in your eyes.