We go to Rome what you need to know when the first trip?

Rome is not only an eternal city, but also one of the favorite places of visiting tourists from around the world. Even though the journey to Rome (even a short) is an expensive pleasure, more and more women every year receive a ticket for two as a gift for March 8.

If you were already in Rome, then you are unlikely to need advice for “beginners”. But if you are only planning a trip, then it will be interesting and useful for you to find out some nuances about Rome hotels, how to choose them more correctly and how important it is.

Even if you eat not only in Rome, but throughout the country (at the moment there is a budget option – a bus tour of the cities of Italy), you still have to stay in the eternal city for a couple of three days. The beauty of architecture and attractions is certainly important, but it is no less important to understand that you will have to return to the hotel exhausted and tired of the impressions.

Why are we going to Rome?

Of course, Rome attracts primarily its unique attractions. If you came to Rome for the first time, you will definitely want to meet him. Given the fact that almost all memorable and interesting places are in the historical center of the city, choose a hotel for yourself exactly there. It is worth noting that as in any tourist city, prices in this case will be very significant (even an order of magnitude higher than in resort cities).

What hotels in Rome?

Standard set of all the number of stars. Most often you can meet 3 and 5 stars.

At the same time, be prepared for your ideas about comfort and luxury of five -star hotels will differ from reality. Italians (and the Romans in particular) people are practical and is the main emphasis not on hotel comfort, but on the organization of cultural leisure. Therefore, everything you can count on in the average room is a bed, a closet, a bedside table and a minimum of space.